Why is snail caviar from Iran so expensive?

Snail Caviar is pricey due to the high cost of production.


Top-quality escargot roe from Iran in 30 gram or 50 gram tins. This magnificent medium to large grain snail caviar has a distinct earthy flavor and lovely dazzling white pearls. Each snail produces a modest number of hard pearls measuring 4 mm in diameter (about the same size as trout roe), making this a high-end roe product that requires painstaking harvesting to create even a small amount of caviar.

The extraordinary eggs are free of the sea notes and/or fishiness that sometimes turn people off from caviar and other fish roes. Instead, escargot caviar has a unique flavor profile of earth, forests, and mossy notes that may truly “pop” on beef, hog, vegetable, and fresh-water seafood dishes, both in terms of taste and appearance.