What’s the best way to package and ship caviar?

The fact that caviar is highly perishable and temperature sensitive means that it needs to be shipped very carefully. Unfortunately, it’s generally preserved or packaged in glass or metal containers that are highly susceptible to damage.

This means that it needs to be packaged properly in order to be safe when it arrives.

And when you consider that carriers typically aren’t as good about care when it comes to packages, the shipper needs to make sure that the product is well packaged in order to keep it safe until it arrives to you.

At Caviar Star we use the strongest containers we can and we vacuum seal them to make sure the caviar itself will taste great when it arrives. This includes banding as well, to create a strong container. From there, we wrap the entire thing in bubble wrap so that even if dropped along the way, the caviar itself is protected.

The fact that low-salt caviar needs to be temperature controlled is another important aspect. It needs to stay under 36◦F until you can put it into a refrigerator, and that means we need to have the right shipping process. We use gel ice packs that keep the caviar cool but do not freeze it (which can happen with dry ice). The dry ice or freezing affects the taste and texture of the product, which is why we strive to avoid this.

The larger case that we use is another important component of the shipping process and that’s where we use Styrofoam or some type of eco-friendly shipping box. This will help keep the cold from the gel packs inside, and still provide the protection that your caviar needs as it’s being transported. We also fill in the box with additional bubble wrap to make sure that it is well secured and then package the entire thing in a stronger box.

We make sure that our perishable products are shipped with next-day delivery, but if there’s ever a problem with your shipment and it arrives late we make sure that the package is designed to be kept cold longer.

In fact, our caviar is packaged to make sure that it is protected up to 48 hours. This means you have a full day of additional time in case your package does not arrive when you expected it. This has only been determined after extensive testing as well.