Zén Reviews

Not only should Rue Saint Honore be visited, but also Zen. Because of the Japanese food on offer, this restaurant is highly recommended. Many visitors flock to this establishment to sample excellent sashimi, eel, and soup. The most delectable foods are delicious parfait, fruitcake, and fraisier. A lot of people mention that Zen is a Read more

Saint Pierre Reviews

If you want to recall Battant, you should start by visiting this restaurant. The restaurant Le St-Pierre serves French food to its patrons. Amuse bouches, soup, and foie gras that have been prepared properly have a delectable flavor. A lot of individuals have said that the servers here provide delicious parfait. This establishment is well-known Read more

Shisen Hanten Reviews

Chen Kentaro’s Szechwan cuisine is a specialty. The restaurant focuses on the seven fundamental tastes that give Szechwan cuisine its distinctive boldness, which include sour, pungent, spicy, sweet, bitter, fragrant, and salty, among other things. Chen’s Mapo Doufu, Chen’s Original Spicy Soup Noodle, Stewed Fish Fillet in Spicy Szechwan Pepper Sauce, and Sauteed Szechwan Chilli Read more

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