What is Mexican caviar?

Please don’t listen to idle responses; this is what the Escamoles have been dubbed. Escamoles are ant eggs that are commonly made softly fried in butter and garnished with grass. They are extremely delectable, and their rarity makes them rather pricey, adding to the comparison to caviar. Greetings.

What happens if caviar is fried or boiled?

Answer 1: In terms of caviar, I’ve never eaten it and have never tried to cook or boil the eggs of a Beluga/Sturgeon fish [1]. Caviar I’ve cooked Tobiko [2], which are little fish eggs often obtained from Flying Fish, but I think it’s best not to fry them since the flavor changes and becomes Read more

Why is beluga caviar so expensive when sushi is affordable?

I’m assuming you’re talking about Tobiko, a type of fish roe widely used in sushi: Ikura, or salmon roe: They’re not the same as beluga caviar, which originates from a critically endangered sturgeon. Salmon is abundant. There are a lot of flying fish. Sturgeons, particularly the enormous ones that provide us with beluga caviar, are Read more

Is red caviar real caviar? If so, why is it so cheap?

Answer 1: Due to the fact that it is manufactured from cod roe. The Russian Sturgeon, which dwells in the Caspian and Black Seas, produces real caviar. Answer 2: Red caviar is manufactured from smoked catfish or cod roe, but “genuine” beluga caviar is merely salted and never smoked or seasoned and comes from the Read more

Can you extract caviar without killing the beluga?

Answer 1: You may dissect a whale and ground it into sausage, but you’ll never obtain beluga caviar. It’s a beluga whale, of course: This is caviar from beluga whales: Who or what are the eggs of this beluga sturgeon? It’s a fish. Who lays the eggs is: It’s interesting to note that a sturgeon’s Read more