Iranian luxury caviar


Caspian Sea Caviar

Caspian Monarque is the the leading producer of Iranian Caviar.

We established our farms in the Caspian Sea over 30 years ago, our farms have produced some of the best caviar in the world ever since. The company pioneered the field of sturgeon farming in the region, and today produces approximately 22 tonnes per year, which it then sells all around the world.

You can truly discover the best of the best by starting with Caspian Monarque.

With only a light amount of salt, our caviar has the full, strong, hazelnut flavor that you want with a quality caviar.

Our range of caviar also features a wide range of different sensations while providing you with a freshness and a natural flavor that you would expect from the best.

You don’t need to pick out anything to go with your caviar either. A single tin of Caspian Monarque caviar on ice is the perfect thing, offering a roll-in-the-mouth feel that you will absolutely love from the first spoonful.

When used in your favorite dishes, our caviar will truly enhance the dish, especially with the subtle hints of iodine that allow it to make a statement even among the best chefs of the world.


Located in the Historic Cradle of Iranian Caviar

We own 9 different facilities for sturgeon farming and caviar production. This includes the largest fish hatchery in the world at the Caspian Sea fish hatchery, as well as 6 different aquafarms and a caviar production plant.