Why is lemon caviar so expensive?

Answer 1:

Lemon caviar gets its name from the fact that the balls within mimic fish eggs in look and texture, bursting between the teeth in a similar way as caviar.

When you consider the price of the fruit, which is still quite uncommon in this country, the connection makes a lot of sense. A kilo of caviar lemon costs more than R$1,000 (a Tahiti lemon costs between R$6 and R$10 per kilo). As some Brazilian agricultural producers invest in this species known as the finger lime (Citrus australasica) in Australia, where it originates, prices are projected to fall in the future years.

Answer 2:

Because it’s new, and Australian chefs are considered “cool dudes” in the culinary world. However, it will become more affordable in the near future. He harvests seedlings that have already fallen to the ground. When I first looked at the pricing of seedlings, they were roughly 600 reais per. I found it for $80 today. I ended up paying 160 reais for 250 seeds, including delivery.