Why is caviar, known throughout the world as an expensive delicacy, able to be produced relatively cheap and affordable in Russia as one of the staple foods?

Answer 1:

Caviar isn’t a common meal in modern Russia, and it’s also not cheap. We rarely eat black caviar since it is so pricey (albeit it is less expensive than at premium Western places). In Russia, red caviar is much more cheap, but it is still a pricey item that we save for special occasions such as birthday parties.

Because we had abundance of caviar-producing fish in our rivers and lakes, as well as in the Caspian Sea, caviar was a staple dish in Russia in prior ages. Not any longer. While we continue to produce caviar and are among the major producers, we are no longer the largest, and we now import caviar.

Answer 2:

Lobster was historically thought to be a poor man’s meal, commonly fed to slaves, and was given the epithet “cockroach of the sea” by many.

Somebody in the United Areas decided to load lobsters onto a train and sell them to inland states, and the exotic delicacy’s appeal grew over time.