Why do people pay a lot for caviar? It doesn’t even have a taste?

Answer 1:

I’m guessing you’ve never had genuine caviar before.

I’m referring to the sturgeon’s eggs. I’ve had sevruga caviar before, which is the cheapest of the true caviars (albeit it’s still over £20 for 10g). The flavor of the medium-sized grey eggs is unique, yet difficult to define, and is far more than’salty water.’

In comparison, the bright-orange and smaller salmon ‘caviar’ (about £1 for 10g) is almost tasteless, while the black, microscopic lumpfish caviar (less than £0.3 for 10g) is basically salted jam.

Answer 2:

Caviar has a distinct flavor to it. Different types of caviar have distinct flavors. The key distinction is the type of fish – “caviar” is sometimes used to refer to just sturgeon eggs, and other times to any fish eggs.

The flavor of sturgeon caviar is fishy and salty, with an unique mouthfeel. It is despised by many individuals. It appeals to me, but not enough for me to pay for it.

Salmon eggs have a milder flavor and a crunchier texture, and you can feel them bursting in your tongue since they are bigger.

Flying fish eggs have the least taste in my opinion (they are also much cheaper).