Why do people like eating caviar?

Answer 1:

Many people all across the world like this salty delicacy. Particularly in Russia, where the majority of caviar is canned. Petrossian Caviar is one of the most well-known businesses in the world. I’ve made this delicacy countless times as a Private Chef. Some people enjoy it in thin omelettes, while others prefer it packed with little cooked potatoes or simply spread over toast with crème fraiche (French version of sour cream). I strongly advise you to try it if you haven’t already. You’ll be captivated the instant the tiny Sturgeon eggs “pop” on your tongue, delivering that notorious briney flavour.

Answer 2:

I can’t speak for others since I don’t know what they’re like, so I’ll talk for myself.
The following are the reasons for my caviar addiction:

It takes me back to my youth.

an era in my life from around the age of 5 to approximately the age of 10 when I didn’t have too many problems and my family was rather wealthy (it was outside US)

The taste appeals to me.

The salty caviar is simply delicious with proper bread and proper butter (a combination of dense white bread and a creamy butter, Irish in particular), and paired with some sweet tea, I’m in heaven!

The element of exclusivity appeals to me.

Even now, in my area, where people have a decent lifestyle, many people are unaware of caviar, so I can proudly display my European roots; and those who are aware exchange knowing looks with me when my child’s school has a cultural week (and I bring these treats to share with other parents)

It’s customary to have it on New Year’s Eve.

My husband hasn’t warmed up to it yet, and no, I won’t let caviar be “washed down” with beer, as he once suggested (it’s actually funny) 🙂

It’s a kind of sign.

It’s a sign, at least for me, that things are going well in my life and that I have a little extra to spend on this small luxury.