Why are the fish eggs used in sushi not considered caviar?

Answer 1:

Because caviar must originate from a certain kind of fish (e.g. beluga). The typical varieties of fish eggs used in sushi (misago, tobiko, and so on) are less unusual and hence less expensive and sought after. Regardless, they’re delicious!

Answer 2:

Caviar is a delicacy made from the sturgeon fish. Fish eggs called Roe from flying fish are used in Japanese sushi. They have a reddish-orange tint to them. and have a smoky, salty flavor. It has a crunchy feel to it. Squid ink is occasionally used to make it black, while yuzu is used to make it yellow. It may be made red with beets or green with wasabi.

Masago, or smelt roe, is the second form of roe.

originates from the smelt family’s cap slender fish.

Salmon roe big eggs, which are orange in color, are the third kind. Delicate and gooey.