What’s so special about caviar?

Answer 1:

Caviar isn’t just black fish eggs, and slimy caviar is a severe quality issue. Caviar is a highly rare and expensive delicacy, made from the roe of Caspian, Black, and Azov Sea sturgeon that are rapidly vanishing. Which caviar is the greatest in the world?

Caviar (and certain other types of fish eggs) have a unique texture that pops gently in your mouth and on your tongue, releasing a delicate flavor of salt and fish, umami and clean, saline sea, and a subtle mineral taste. See What is the flavor of caviar?

Many cultures and nations appreciate fish eggs and roe, but even at their freshest and most exquisite, they seldom come close to the peculiar flavor and texture of caviar, which makes it so remarkable.

Answer 2:

Caviar has a distinctive flavor and texture. Fish roe is consumed in various nations and is obtained from a variety of fish species. Sturgeon, on the other hand, creates the delicacy known as ‘caviar.’ Because of its historical association with the royal (or wealthy), caviar has become a symbol of ostentation, which its current scarcity has aided.