What happens to the sturgeon after caviar is extracted, do they eat the fish?

Answer 1:

The type of sturgeon has a big impact. Some species have delicious meat, whereas others do not. If the caviar is from wild-caught sturgeon, the best-tasting species may be sold after the eggs are extracted. Those with a bad taste are frequently rejected.

This is really worse. Not only is it a waste, but numerous species have unusually lengthy lives and take a long time to mature. It’s a shame to kill a fish that may live for 75 years or more in the wild.

Answer 2:

Sturgeon are often slaughtered, then slit open and the roe taken (caviar is salt cured roe). The fish meat is subsequently sold for human consumption. By the way, it’s rather tasty. Farmed sturgeon aren’t always killed. The roe is squeezed out of the fish by a tiny incision. She gets patched up and returned to the enclosure until she is ready to spawn once more.