Is it profitable to get into the caviar business?

Answer 1:

Putting technical considerations aside, as someone who handles the black caviar brand, I can provide you with an answer from a commercial one.

There is no limit to how much money you can make if you consistently manufacture or sell more, but doing it full time provides you a decent existence.

Getting the markets takes a lot longer than I anticipated. It’s all about overcoming obstacles and maintaining a good reputation. It took some time for us to gain a name among elite chefs in my nation, but once we did, it was all about referrals. It’s simpler today after spending a year building up all marketing systems and developing a brand strategy. It’s frequently an issue of good price and interpersonal skills when it comes to overseas marketplaces and wholesale receivers (challenging you to develope them every day).

If you’re just starting out in the caviar business, I’d suggest asking for a job in the sales department of an established company or, if you’re not an extrovert, working with the fish to get experience “on the inside” before establishing your own farm/brand. It will eventually save or earn you a lot of money.

Last but not least, you must be passionate about what you do. I enjoy reading about caviar, writing about it, and dealing with it on a daily basis. My job is one of my favorites. If you feel the same way, go for it!

I’m crossing my fingers for you!

Answer 2:

Many factors come into play, Ralph, such as the existing market, competition, investment availability, and so on.

Aquaculture is a challenging sector in and of itself. There are several external variables, including nature itself, that must be taken into account.

Here’s what I’d do if I were in your shoes. I’d start by going to a caviar shop that already exists. Set up my company model on paper, including cash flow, IRR for the next 20 years, and running costs, among other things. Then look for financial information and industry knowledge.

You’re still fairly young. See if you can get a job at one of the current caviar companies. Get your hands dirty, ask questions, and make your decision along the way.

Before you invest, spend some time learning.