Is caviar good?

Answer 1:

Caviar (and certain other types of fish eggs) have a unique texture that pops gently in your mouth and on your tongue, releasing a delicate flavor of salt and fish, umami and clean, saline sea, and a subtle mineral taste. See What is the flavor of caviar?

Answer 2:


Even though I’ve only ever tried cheap caviar produced from lumpfish or salmon roe, it’s incredible. It’s little, sharp, salty, chilly, and incredibly fishy, and I enjoy the way it tastes.

I created an appetizer inspired by a dish I read about in a restaurant review in Haaretz—I wish I could remember the place since the chef deserves credit—back when I used to cook more for other people.

It was an improvement on the caviar-on-blintzes approach. Instead, the chef parboiled sliced potatoes, then coated them with olive oil and smoky paprika and roasted them till golden, crispy, and spicy, before topping each one with a scoop of sour cream and a dollop of caviar. I believe that dish was the catalyst for my interest in smoked paprika. Consider it a combination of Spanish and Russian cuisine.

Eat as soon as possible. The contrast between the hot roasted potato and the chilly topping is key.