How long does it take for caviar to expire?

Answer 1:

Salted and stored in an airtight container.. ( IMO). If stored in a cool, dry place away from heat, it should last for years.

If the “tin” is in good shape and shows no symptoms of enlargement, I would open it, smell it (ok), and sample a couple… if they taste okay, I would eat them!

But, if you’re unsure about your Beluga Caviar, blog me, give it to me, and I’ll tell you if it’s okay or not!!

That way, you can be sure I’ll be truthful in my assessment!

… good or bad!

Why have you been waiting so long? If you don’t like the flavor, submit it to me again, and I’ll give you feedback!

Answer 2:

Pasteurized or unpasteurized, closed or open jar? There are much too many factors to respond with a single sentence. About 7–10 days after opening, depending on the roe.