Have you ever eaten caviar? Can you describe how it feels?

Caviar is made from the processed eggs of sturgeon fish. The price is so high because of the shortage of this item. The most costly caviar is made from the eggs of beluga fish. It is reported that only the shah of Iran used to eat this caviar. Maison Prunier in France offers this sort of caviar for 37,000€ a kg.

Almas caviar is white, unlike other caviar hues that are blackish brown.

In terms of flavor, this cuisine isn’t really appetizing. It has a flavor that is virtually identical to tapioca pearls combined with salt water. The salty flavor of high-quality caviar is not immediately apparent. During Christmas and New Year’s parties, I generally eat caviar. It’s not as good as Madura satay, believe me. It doesn’t make me want to contribute anything else.

People say you have to try caviar several times before you enjoy it, but that is not true for me. I’ve eaten a spoon of pearl oysters, but I still don’t enjoy this cuisine.

The conclusion is most likely due to my sour palate. I would rather eat inexpensive Indonesian food than pricey foreign food.

But the Christmas party is approaching, and I’ll be able to savor the flavor of caviar once more. Maybe this time I’ll reconsider…