Do they kill fish to get caviar?

Answer 1:

Female fish in roe were traditionally slaughtered to extract the eggs. There are a variety of commercial approaches available today:

Historically, commercial caviar manufacturing required stunning the fish and harvesting the ovaries.

A caesarean section is another way of retrieving caviar, which permits the female to continue producing roe but is exceedingly painful and stressful.

Other growers utilize a technique known as “stripping,” which involves removing the caviar from the fish without the need for surgery. When the fish is ready to be processed, a tiny incision is made along the urogenital muscle. To determine the proper time, an ultrasound is performed.

This is the most humane way to fish that is now accessible, but owing to a lack of understanding in this subject, not all farms adopt it.

Answer 2:

They certainly do. They’ll wait for the female to give birth and then murder her when she’s full of eggs.