Albino Caviar Named “White Gold” Is the World’s Most Expensive Food

The most costly meal in the earth is considered to be caviar prepared from rare albino fish eggs and studded with 22-carat gold. ‘White Gold’ caviar, which costs $300,000 a kilo (roughly $40,000 per teaspoon), will be offered to the super-rich at some of the world’s most prestigious restaurants.

Austrian fish farmer Walter Gruell, 51, and his son Patrick, 25, created the powdered caviar, also known as Strottarga Bianco. The white roe of the exceptionally uncommon albino sturgeon is used to make the Strottarga Bianco, according to Patrick. The father-son team uses five kilograms of caviar, which is subsequently dried, to generate one kilo of White Gold. The eggs of older sturgeon are said to be more beautiful, smoother, spongier, fragrant, and simply taste better.

The albino beluga that produces the unique caviar used to reside in the Caspian Sea, but it is now nearly extinct there, making it a rare delicacy. The age of albino belugas is another factor that contributes to the exorbitant price of White Gold. While sturgeons can live to be over 100 years old, belugas seldom do owing to a genetic defect that causes them to live shorter lives.

He further said that Austrian caviar is among the greatest in the world due to the clean, pollutant-free water that runs down from alpine snowcaps. “That, plus the fact that it is specifically seasoned before being dried, when it loses 80% of its weight, is possibly part of why it tastes so excellent.” “It’s then grated really finely and combined with 22-karat gold, which has a very beneficial effect on the human immune system in very little levels,” he continued.

“The golden yellow white spreadable powder that we make may be swiftly turned into a paste, risotto, or butter over toasted bread.” The flavor is intense and strongly reminiscent of fresh fish. The taste may be dispersed throughout a dish with very little amounts.”

Patrick agreed that white gold caviar is an acquired taste that is not for everyone. However, he believes that there is a demand for such unique things, particularly when they are first released. And, in order to give consumers a taste of white gold, they’re currently selling it for $112,000 to a small group of buyers. Are there any takers?