Why does caviar come from Russia?

Answer 1:

Sturgeon roe is the caviar you’re referring about. Due to the rarity of this species, caviar is extremely pricey.

But we have a beautiful caviar (which we name Kaviar) produced from cod roe that is salty, sweet, and smokey here in Norway. It’s wonderful and reasonably priced. It comes in tubes like mayonnaise and is quite popular among both youngsters and adults.

If you visit Norway, don’t forget to try the local cuisine. I really like it!

Answer 2:

Caviar was traditionally produced by catching sturgeon in the Caspian Sea, therefore there were only two nations that produced it: Russia and Iran.
Sturgeon fishing is restricted because of the normal excesses, thus caviar is now made from farmed sturgeons, which is done in many areas across the world.
My most recent purchase was made in the Arcachon basin.