Why do sturgeons lay so few eggs (caviar)?

Answer 1:

As a result, we must recognize that there is more than one sturgeon. There are now 27 species thought to exist on the planet. Most wild species, including ours, the European sturgeon, are now protected (Acipencer sturio). On a worldwide basis, caviar is mostly derived via breeding rather than fishing. Yes, eating “unborn children” is controversial, but we’re comparing it to chicken farms or salmon farms rather than a concept of extermination for consumption.
On a quantitative level, we’ve heard that caviar may account for up to 10% of a woman’s weight. That’s not insignificant!
For additional information, I created a short film about European sturgeon conservation:

Answer 2:

The caviar is not laid by the sturgeons! They’ve been slain, and we’re going to eat their intestines! As in Paul-shot, Henri’s and there are a lot of them. It is the sturgeons, not the eggs, that are missing!