What is Malossol Caviar?

Malossol is a process of curing for your fish roe and caviar. It’s also the most popular process of curing, and creates a high quality product that you can more easily enjoy. It’s basically a type of curing that’s done.

But what is the definition of malossol?

Malossol means ‘little salt’ in Russian, and when we talk about it in the process of curing caviar we are talking about the salting process that creates the best fish roe possible. The amount of salting that is done in this method is considered ideal to provide a balance of shelf-life and flavor for the fish.

You’ll end up with a salt content between 3% and 5%, which preserves the roe and also increases the natural flavors that you would find even without the salt. While this terminology was once used only for the highest levels and qualities of caviar, it’s now used for a great deal of the product.

This process is not the only one, however. You will also find pressed, semi-preserved, salted, and pasteurized caviar available. But you won’t find anything that gives you the high level of flavor that you would get with malossol.