Have you tried caviar and what does it taste like?

Answer 1:

It had a mushy, salty flavor. That’s about the experience you’ll get if you’ve ever eaten slimy undercooked fish.

It wasn’t bad, but neither was it exceptional.

It is only costly due to the difficulty of harvesting it. It wouldn’t be as popular if it were more prevalent; it’s obviously an acquired taste.

Answer 2:

I’ve been a fan of caviar since I was about four or five years old. It has a celebratory and successful vibe about it.

I had access to an Iranian smuggler in the late 1980s who used to buy it by the kilo. I was afraid the cost of the vodka or champagne to accompany it would bankrupt me.

Abu Dhabi Duty Free not only offered a large number of caviars to choose from, all of which tasted different, but they also marketed the most frivolous present I’ve ever received: ‘coldy holders’ for a pound of caviar. I gave a lot of them away, but they were typically empty. On an office desk, they make a wonderful conversation piece holder for pens and pencils.

The flavors of the sea. Oysters and Aberdeen rowies, for example.