Have you ever tried caviar? What do you think of it?

Answer 1:

I’ve had numerous opportunities to try caviar. It’s usually delightfully rich and fishy, and I have to restrain myself from devouring every last crackerful.

(Anecdotally, my mother told me a tale about my childhood that is pertinent here.) When I was a newborn, they hadn’t yet begun to fortify milk with vitamin D, so physicians advised women to feed their babies spoonfuls of cod liver oil, which is a rich source of vitamin D. My mother was terrified by the fishy scent and felt extremely bad as she drew the spoon toward my trusting little lips the first time she tried to feed me some.

I downed the teaspoon of cod liver oil, licked the spoon clean, and searched the area for more.

(I was made to eat fish.)

Answer 2:

If you obtain the excellent stuff and know how to serve it, it’s delicious. There are no onions, hens eggs, or lemon in this dish. All I had was blini and smetana. Jackie O liked to eat a mound of it on top of a baked potato. I’ve never done it that way, but it appears to be a good idea. There will be no onions or hardboiled eggs! Beluga is no longer available in the United States since the species is endangered. Ossetra is a good choice.