Caspian Monarque Caviar Haute Couture


Selection – Our Watchword

All the way from the fishing process to the marketing at the end, Caspian Monarque caviar is very carefully selected by individual grain and is tasted all along the way. This ensures the best possible quality to the eggs at the end of the process. Not only this, but we sort grains according to size, colour, firmness, and organoleptic quality, all with very high standards. In the end, each batch is extremely uniform and provides the best of the best. You’ll find the true gems in our Almas, with the same excellent grain size as the Prive selection.

Following the production process our caviar is packed into 1 kg tins and placed in our maturation rooms to mature naturally. This takes a few months to achieve Primeur status, or months to achieve Vintage or Origin status. And at that time it is tasted again to ensure it is the right profile to fit any of our selections. It will also be repackaged into smaller quantities so it is ready to be sold around the world.

Our caviar, at Caspian Monarque, has come to be considered the best of the best in the field. This is because we offer everything from fresh, newly caught caviar, to powerful, matured caviar. We also offer clear eggs in our Grand Chef selection and complexity in our Beluga selection. No matter what you’re looking for, you can find a high quality, excellent tasting, Caspian Monarque selection for you. It’s what has achieved us recognition from the best chefs around the world.