I plan to sell caviar online. Do you think there is a market (Europe, USA, Asia) for this product?

Answer 1:

Many cultures and nations appreciate fish eggs and roe, but even at their freshest and most exquisite, they seldom come close to the peculiar flavor and texture of caviar, which makes it so remarkable.

Answer 2:

There is a market, as well as merchants that sell to that market.

In the United Kingdom, we have both domestic and imported caviar. It has a good track record of being sold. On the same website, a lot of suppliers also sell other high-end items.

If you’re a caviar producer, you’ve got a leg up on the competition. An intriguing side note is that a UK company has developed a market for snail caviar. A good story is something that everyone enjoys. You can sell to that famished audience if you have a nice tale, right?