Why does caviar remain a preserve of the rich when it sounds disgusting anyway? Is it just for show?

Answer 1:

Your question’s premise is incorrect.

The most well-known caviar in North America is sturgeon caviar, which comes from the Caspian Sea. Because sturgeon are overfished, there isn’t enough high-end caviar to fulfill demand.

However, most caviar is not from Caspian sturgeons. It is a staple in many civilizations, including Russia, the Baltic States, and Scandinavia, and derives from a variety of fish. It’s also reasonably priced.

I occasionally buy caviar (also known as kaviar) at Ikea’s food court. Kalles Kaviar – Wikipedia is a toothpaste that comes in a tube. When I went in Norway on business, I came to appreciate it. Every day at breakfast, it was provided, or at least offered, in my hotel.

On a regular basis, I eat cod, lumpfish, salmon, and flying fish caviar.

It’s worth noting that caviar literally means “fish eggs.”

Answer 2:

Either you’ve never had caviar or you should stick to chicken nuggets. Caviar is a delectable delicacy. No one would eat it if it wasn’t. You’ll be happiest if you stick to chicken nuggets or Mac & cheese.