Why do wealthy people eat and drink such nasty foods like caviar, truffles, escargot and wines that taste terrible?

Answer 1:

Although I am not affluent, I enjoy the flavor of all of these foods. Truffles, in particular, drive me insane.

Perhaps the ones you had were wonderful, or perhaps they were dreadful. I couldn’t say since I’m not you.

Some affluent people believe that they must live a lifestyle that includes expensive items that they don’t care about simply because they are pricey. This is referred to as “stupid.”

Some individuals who aren’t wealthy determine that they prefer what they want, and if it’s expensive, they don’t have it very frequently. This, too, has a term for it: unlucky.

The flavor of these goods appeals to some rich individuals. This is referred to as “lucky.”

But don’t make the mistake of assuming that just because you don’t enjoy the flavor of something, no one else would. That’s simply conceited.

Because of their rarity, these items are highly pricey. Nobody sat in a lab and said, “These are the most objectively delicious foods in the universe, thus they should cost [x] regardless of their availability.” in the end.

Answer 2:

They don’t have any. They eat and drink all of the good-tasting versions of those items. A variety of tastes can be acquired… I used to be a huge fan of red wines. I now appear to favor reds that are fuller and deeper. There are fine, affordable red wines, but research has demonstrated that how much you appreciate anything is mostly determined by your expectations of flavor. I’m not wealthy, yet escargot and truffles are two of my favorite foods. Plus, as you get older, your taste buds get less sensitive. Stronger tastes are a lot more fun to eat.