Does caviar really taste amazing or do people just like it because it is expensive?

Answer 1:

Yes, it’s salty and crunchy; we also have a red variety that’s a little better.

If you enjoy fish eggs, herring or cod is a better choice.

Milts are a type of fish spunk that we enjoy on toast.

Answer 2:

It’s salty, crunchy, chilly, and only slightly fishy. The texture and crunch appeal to me. I like to eat it with deviled eggs and masago on sushi. I also use it to make salmon hors d’oeuvres with cream cheese and horseradish. To eat with crackers, I create a chilled crab dip with caviar on top. Salmon egg caviar is something I enjoy.

I’ve never had genuine costly caviar, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to try.