Why do caviar joints run so bad?

A regular marijuana joint is rolled in some type of high THC cannabis oil, then rolled with kief, for those unaware with what a caviar joint is.

A caviar joint, often known as a “canoe,” might run for a variety of reasons, the most common of which is that the herbs aren’t uniformly broken down or the joint was rolled poorly.

The good news is that dispensary-sold pre-rolled joints, including caviar joints, aren’t truly hand-rolled, but rather “filled” inside a pre-rolled paper, similar to a RAW cone:

Stuffed joints tend to burn a bit better since it’s simpler to make sure there’s an even amount of marijuana in them.

If your joints are still throbbing, there are a few things to keep in mind:

HERBS SHOULD BE GRINDED! Stop breaking up herbs with your fingers and spend the $25 on a good grinder. Not only will it provide a more uniform breakdown of your herbs, resulting in a smoother joint burn, but it will also improve the taste of your joints.

BETTER PAPERS SHOULD BE PURCHASED! High-quality papers have a better taste, a more consistent burn, and come in a variety of sizes. Organic, hemp, rice, and unbleached papers are also available in newer papers.

BETTER ROLL! Canoeing can occur when you roll it too loosely or too tightly — too tight and it won’t smoke; too loose and it will smoke horribly. PRACTICE!, PRACTICE!, PRACTICE!, PRACTICE!, PRACTICE!, PRACTICE!, PR Your joint will be less prone to run if you are a skilled roller.

BRIGHTEN UP YOUR JOINT! When lighting, make careful to rotate the joint and avoid taking big breaths soon quickly, since this may cause one side to light more brightly. When you light the joint, it should be lovely and spherical, like the tip of a cigarette gleaming in the dark. Instead of torching the entire tip, use the blue section of the lighter flame to simply fire the bare minimum.

REMEMBER TO CHECK THE WEATHER! When you’re outside, even trying to light your joint in the breeze might result in an uneven burn. If you find that your joint is favoring one side, extinguish it and then try to relight it, concentrating on the sides that haven’t burned. There’s no need to squander any more herbs than is absolutely required.

CHECK THE CAVIAR ON YOUR OWN! Uneven burning will occur if the oil or kief is not adequately and evenly dispersed throughout the joint. Keep your lighter nearby to extinguish any pieces that are burning too quickly and relight any that aren’t.