What does the concept “left caviar” mean?

Answer 1:

An nonsensical concept that tries to associate striving for greater social equality (on any spectrum, including racial) with poverty, exclusive commitment to the ’cause,’ celibacy, and the inability to establish a family. Or the ability to order a cappuccino.

In other words, they use terminology like “iPhone Socialist” to attempt to invalidate the opposition.

You don’t tax the right-winger who utilizes public services the same… Take, for instance, roads.

Being on the left simply means that I perceive the world in terms of how unfair the rules are. It was done on purpose.

What can I do to narrow the gap between us?


This does not need becoming a friar. All it takes is a little semancol and a little brains.

The rest is hypocrisy that they are attempting to promote. They need to justify themselves.

Answer 2:

According to legend, a Russian Princess travelling through Gironde was shocked to learn that the fisherman only preserved the meat of the fish, while the eggs were tossed into the sea or fed to the ducks! She said that this meal was extremely costly in her country, and that the fisherman had acquired vast riches.