How is Caviar’s business model different from GrubHub’s?

Answer 1:


I hope this has answered your query.

Caviar and GrubHub both allow consumers to see and order meals from restaurants in their immediate region, but Caviar also offers delivery to its business clientele. GrubHub, on the other hand, allows restaurants to collect orders and then deliver through their own methods.

Caviar is fantastic for restaurants that don’t want to manage their deliveries, whereas GrubHub is good for restaurants who don’t want to outsource their deliveries and want to take care of their customers personally.

Answer 2:

Caviar is attempting to be a more upscale version of Grubhub (which will accept virtually any restaurant). By doing so, I believe they want to make it both easier to use and to mask their fees in larger overall check amounts, since consumers will not have to sift through hundreds of bad eateries.