Can we do caviar cultivation in India?

Answer 1:

Caviar is a kind of fish egg. Russia’s Beluga Sturgeon is the greatest.

Beluga is a cold-water fish that can only be found in frigid seas.

We can’t cultivate in India since our oceans aren’t suitable for Beluga and other fish species.

We don’t have any oceans with temps below freezing.

Answer 2:

Technology has progressed, as has understanding of the life cycles of numerous aquatic creatures. A farm may be established anywhere on the planet.

We were able to effectively build up an indoor tuna farm thanks to the technology. The most enigmatic and, at the same time, most expensive fish. It is also feasible to build up a sturgeon indoor farm.

The expense is the issue here. It’s a pricey endeavor, and the return on investment may not be as high as expected. However, the government and other organizations should make efforts to build up indoor farms of diverse aquatic species in order to establish an environment that can be economically employed once it becomes a feasible option.