A wondrously effervescent treat that guarantees all the wealth of gastronomic divinity so desired by caviar lovers across the globe. With our siberian sturgeons reared and processed organically in their native habitat of the Caspian Sea, a prehistoric breeding ground for nutrients and minerals, our Baeri(Siberian) a is subtle yet overflowing with a richness of flavor and natural goodness.

An impressive grain rendered in silvery grey, guaranteeing a bountiful taste experience that one simply cannot find anywhere else. If you’re looking for a classic caviar that would have been experienced by the likes of Alexander the Great, then the Baeri is the caviar for you.

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Experience a coterie of sublime texture, unique aroma and rich nuanced flavors in our Baeri (Siberian) caviar.

buy caviar online Farmed in the Caspian Sea

Our sturgeon and thus your caviar is farmed in the Caspian Sea - the evolutionary origin of the sturgeon. Our sturgeons exist in harmony with mother nature, in the same place they were conceived some 250 million years ago.

None of our sturgeon, unlike non-Caspian Sea producers, have been relocated from their natural environment and transported to far away countries or farms. Thus an excellent ecosystem that ensures quality and sustainability is guaranteed.

The only true caviar comes from the Caspian Sea.

Our caviar adheres to genuine sustainability not marketing buzz words.

As our sturgeons are farmed in their native, prehistoric habitat, you will be rewarded with the same sumptuous taste and divine texture that was enjoyed by the likes of Alexander the Great and Tsar Nicholas II.

We have  not  introduced any exotic sturgeon species, genotypes or various hybrids, which cause a dramatic loss of genetic integrity, into our farms.

Our sturgeon feed on crustaceans, small mollusks and small worms.

We were the first to use ultrasound scanners for sexing our sturgeon, which is now a technique that is used by breeders throughout the world. It allows us to separate our sturgeon and optimize our practices along the way.

Our caviar has been approved by CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora).

This ensures and legally guarantees traceability. Every tin of your caviar is traced to the fish that went inside it.

Our registration number with CITES is 530. Please see here for more information. Please note that if the caviar you buy does not have an Export CITES, the caviar is not coming from the farm, and instead is being sold via an intermediary.

In 2001, Iran was exempted from CITES international ban because it has a functioning management system for sturgeon (CITES Approval for Iranian Caviar in 2001), (CITES Commendation for Iran's Conservation Efforts in 2001) and was commended again in 2003 for imposing the ban upon itself to help to replenish the depleted stocks. (CITES on Iranian Caviar Quotas in 2003)

Iran was commended several times by the UN for their efforts in protecting the sturgeon in 2003 (UN Report on Caspian States Conservation Efforts in 2003) and again in 2006 (UN-Backed Body on Caviar Export Ban in 2006)

The success of these conservation efforts are correlated with Iran being the largest exporter of caviar in the world between 1998 and 2006 (European Commission on Caviar Trade)

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Anonymous packaging which is eco-friendly with a low carbon footprint

Please call us on +44 20 8638 8534 should you require further assistance.

Baerii Caviar

A world-renowned delicacy and the ultimate in extravagance with an exquisite palette beyond all else. When it comes to food, luxurious, delectable and high-quality caviar is one of the most sought-after items of food on the globe. This is in part thanks to its otherworldly taste, exemplary quality, and unique flavour.

However, when it comes to choosing the best caviar, what is the right choice? For many, the distinct texture, excellent price point and visual appeal of Baerii caviar make it the only choice.

What Is Baerii Caviar?

Baerii caviar is known for its rich fine grain, granting it a smooth and elegant appearance that is immediately identifiable for its fantastic quality and exquisite feel. With colours ranging from a classic smoky grey to a pure black, its clarity of taste and creamy finish are just a few of the best things about this almost sensually smooth product.

This intensely flavourful food is instantly recognisable because of its almost treasure-like pearl texture. For connoisseurs of the popular resource, this distinctly unique form makes this product unmistakeable, providing an experience unlike anything else. A delicious accompaniment for canapes, eggs or even smoked salmon, this more readily available option has countless luxurious uses.

sevruga caviar

The Origins Of Baerii Sturgeon Caviar

Originating from a unique and prehistoric species, Baerii caviar is sourced from the sturgeon, also known as the Acipenser Baerii. One of several species of sturgeon originating from the mythical and famed Caspian Sea in ancient history, this amazing sea creature produces the exquisite roe over 6-8 years.

In modern times, these giants of the prehistoric world are still found in the frigid river basins and are an otherworldly sight as one of the largest and most distinctive fish on earth. Taking quality nutrients from its unique surroundings, the wild sturgeon produces exemplary, highly-coveted roe that is rich in vital vitamins and minerals such as B12 and Omega 3.

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The Production Of Acipenser Baerii Caviar

Acipenser Baerii can be sourced worldwide. A popular and more affordable alternative to the exquisite and luxurious caviar sourced from the Beluga, this precious resource is farmed around the globe. Iran produces amongst the highest-quality versions of Baeri, with Russia, the USA and various locations around Europe also contributing to the market.

Bred extensively for the outstanding quality of its roe and its plentiful supply, the Acipenser Baerii is known for producing the coveted resource at a higher rate than other Sturgeon species. As such, it is a popular choice for fish farms around the world. However, nothing can compare caviar produced from ethically bred and kept sturgeon. Fish raised in chemical and hormone-free environments produce caviar of a pristine, luxurious quality unlike anything else in the world.

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The Price Of Acipenser Baerii Caviar

Acipenser caviar is available in a range of different can sizes, from a modest 20g for under £20, to an exclusive 1kg case averaging around £800. 125g of this excellent quality product can cost around £100 for American-grade farmed caviar, or £200 for high-quality, more organic options. This makes this resource the ultimate in affordable luxury, with options for every price-point.

Aesthetically appealing, endlessly delicious and providing a subdued sense of luxury, Baerii caviar is an experience accessible to a small number of people. For those who enjoy a mild taste and delicious texture that bursts upon the tongue, then this caviar is the perfect fit. Fresh, packed with creamy flavour and a unique experience from the first bite, there’s little not to love about this precious resource.

Iranian Sevruga