How long can I live on nothing but caviar and truffles? My family is very rich and my mum won’t let me eat any dinner that costs less than $10,000.

Answer 1:

Being an expert on extreme dietary expenditures, fish eggs, and strange mycological formations, I believe you could live on caviar and truffles for a while, though you would soon reek due to the high levels of olfactory irritating substances in a diet of shredded truffles with lumps of caviar on top. They include protein and a little amount of fiber, but they are deficient in a number of macronutrient categories, even before including vitamins and minerals.

If it’s money that’s the issue, though, I’d want to suggest another choice. Please send me a private message and I will gladly organize $10,000 worth of dinners for you. For breakfast each morning, I will personally make you two $5000 eggs and sprinkle you a couple of $200 slices of toast. The finest orange juice, worth $500, will be offered.

Lunch will be a little more difficult, as it will require me to bring a $10,000 Big Mac (with additional sauce, of course) as well as the finest fried potato pieces and a sweet fizzy beverage.

For dinner, I do prepare a mean steak…

Last night’s dinner consisted of a steak and asparagus. I think that’s worth $10,000, right?

Answer 2:

I’m sure this is a troll. You don’t only eat caviar and truffles. No one can accomplish it. Even the extremely wealthy are affected. Because my parents are in the 1%, and believe me when I say I adore both. However, if you just ate truffles and caviar, they would become less remarkable. You’ll also be really nauseous. Truffles are frequently used in recipes. And you serve something like Blini with a modest quantity of caviar. It’s not only a waste of money to use such expensive products as caviar and blini, but it’s also a waste of time to use butter. It is a waste of money, precious resources, and other resources. It’s acceptable to have a modest quantity.