Does anyone really like caviar? I’ve tried it a couple times and it is really disgusting.

Answer 1:

I believe you mean that you find it repulsive. That’s not a problem.

Miracle Whip is revolting to me. It appeals to certain people.

It’s important to explore new things and figure out what you enjoy.

I recommend that you respect other people’s preferences and refrain from making blanket generalizations such as “It’s nasty.” It is not your place to judge what other people enjoy or dislike. That just serves to make you appear foolish.

Answer 2:

There are many different types of caviar available. Some of them are very salty and fishy. Others are silky and creamy. It also relies on the food they’re presented with.

Caviar (or kaviar) is simply salted fish eggs on their own. It may be wonderful when served with crème fraiche and rye bread. There are a plethora of additional methods to prepare it that are simply magnificent.

Is it sufficient on its own? meh.

However, this is not always the case.