What is Oreo dory (Allocyttus niger; Pseudocyttus maculatus)?

Oreo dory Oreo dory

Common names for Oreo dory

Black oreo dory; smooth oreo dory

Other languages for Oreo dory

  • French name: Saint Pierre de fond de Nouvellle Zelande
  • Italian name: Triglia
  • German name: Tiefsee Petersfisch

Introduction to Oreo dory

The John Dory (Zeus faber) is a valued species that bears the dory name, but only a limited quantity of this superb and costly fish is accessible in the United States. Two closely similar New Zealand species, black and smooth oreo dories, are more prevalent in the US market. Though they resemble the John Dory in appearance and have comparable thin, white flesh, they are not genuine dories but are members of the Oreosomatidae family. The black oreo dory’s skin is rough and dark. The smooth oreo dory’s chocolate skin is as its name implies. The smooth oreo is preferred over the black, since it produces bigger, whiter fillets. Both oreos have a market size of between 1 and 2 pounds. Oreos are trawled as a target species and sometimes as bycatch in the orange roughy fishery. Due to their remote harvesting location, oreos are nearly always sold frozen.

Product profile for Oreo dory

Small, thin, cream-colored fillets of black oreo dory become ivory when cooked. Smooth oreo dory features bigger, thicker fillets and cooks whiter than black oreo dory. Both dories have a moderate flavor, however the black oreo dory has a larger oil content than the smooth oreo dory. The texture is firm, particularly when it comes to smooth oreo dory. Neither of these fish flake readily.

Cooking tips for Oreo dory

Customers will be more eager to try this diverse species if you offer creative culinary recommendations and preparations. You can deep fry spiny dogfish for fish and chips, like the British do, but don’t stop there. Cubed beef can be used in kebabs or stir-fries. Because of its oily meat, dogfish smokes well. Shark fin soup may be made with the fins, and the firm flesh makes a great chowder component.

Nutrition facts for Oreo dory

Calories: 82 Fat Calories: 37 Total Fat: 4.1 g Saturated Fat: N/A Cholesterol: 31 mg Sodium: 113 mg Protein: 11 g Omega 3: N/A

Primary product forms for Oreo dory

Global supply for Oreo dory

New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Iran