What is Mahimahi (Coryphaena hippurus)?

Mahimahi Mahimahi

Common names for Mahimahi

Dolphinfish, dorado

Other languages for Mahimahi

  • French name: Coryphène
  • Italian name: Lampuga
  • German name: Goldmakrele

Introduction to Mahimahi

The Hawaiian word for dolphinfish is mahimahi. The Hawaiian name became popular in order to disassociate this fish from the marine animal to which it is unrelated. The alternate name dolphin-fish refers to the fish’s proclivity for swimming ahead of sailing ships, much as dolphins do. Mahimahi is one of the most aesthetically pleasing fish in the ocean due to its vibrant, iridescent hues. The back is a brilliant greenish blue, the lower body is gold or gleaming silver, and the sides are speckled with black and bright dots. Although the majority of people identify mahimahi with Hawaii, it is distributed worldwide in tropical and subtropical seas. Initially, mahimahi was caught in the tuna and swordfish fisheries as a bycatch. Today, mahi are the focus of a directed longline fishery. Clipper is a word that refers to the finest mahimahi, which is often frozen at sea. Mahimahi may exceed 50 pounds on occasion, although the typical market weight is 5 pounds.

Product profile for Mahimahi

Similar to swordfish, mahimahi has a sweet, moderately strong taste. The lean meat has a solid texture, although not as hard as steak, and big, juicy flakes. Trim away the darker parts of the meat for a softer taste. Raw flesh is pinkish to grayish-white in color, with a black lateral line. The flesh becomes off-white when cooked.

Cooking tips for Mahimahi

Mahi is a great grilling fish. Despite the fact that it is not an oily fish, the meat remains moist and can withstand blackening. Before cooking, the thick skin of the mahi should be removed.

Nutrition facts for Mahimahi

Calories: 100 Fat Calories: 10 Total Fat: 1 g Saturated Fat: 0 g Cholesterol: 80 mg Sodium: 100 mg Protein: 22 g Omega 3: 0.11 g

Primary product forms for Mahimahi

Fresh: Whole, H&G, Fillets Frozen: Fillets Value-added: Portions, Smoked

Global supply for Mahimahi

Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, United States, Iran