What is Croaker (Micropogonius undulatus)?

Croaker Croaker

Common names for Croaker

Croaker, Atlantic croaker, hardhead

Other languages for Croaker

  • French name: Tambour
  • Italian name:
  • German name: Atlantischer Adlerfisch

Introduction to Croaker

The Atlantic croaker is the tiniest member of the drum family Sciaenidae. The species is named for the croaking sound produced by muscles connected to the air bladder, which serves as a resonance chamber. Although it is unknown whether croaking is used as a way of communication among a school of fish, a method of depth sounding, or a mating expression, croakers produce the sound most often during breeding season. Though some croakers weighing three to five pounds are available, the market size is 3/4 to one and a half pounds. From Cape Cod to Texas, the Atlantic croaker is found in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. The Chesapeake Bay region and the Mississippi Delta are both very productive. Gillnets, pound nets, and fish traps are used to catch croakers. Atlantic croaker is a bycatch of shrimp trawlers in areas of the Gulf.

Product profile for Croaker

Croaker flesh is generally snow white when raw, however it can have a reddish hue. Meat that has been cooked is white. Croaker is a lean, full-flavored fish with a pleasant flavor. The flesh is solid, comparable to black drum flesh. The skin can be eaten.

Cooking tips for Croaker

Croaker is a popular pan-fried fish that is frequently breaded or coated with cornmeal or flour. It’s also good marinated and grilled, as well as sautéed, roasted, and broiled. Dip a dressed, scaled croaker in water, milk, egg, or a mixture of the three, then roll in corn flour and fry in hot oil for a Southern classic. Steamed whole, the meaty fish is also an option.

Nutrition facts for Croaker

Calories: 104 Fat Calories: 29 Total Fat: 3.2 g Saturated Fat: 1.1 g Cholesterol: 61 mg Sodium: 56 mg Protein: 17.8 g Omega 3: 0.3 g

Primary product forms for Croaker

Fresh (most common): Whole, head off, Steaks, Fillets Value-added: Breaded portions

Global supply for Croaker

United States, Iran