What is Bream (Sparus auratus)?

Bream Bream

Common names for Bream

Gilt-head bream, sea bream, daurade, daurade royale, orata

Other languages for Bream

  • French name: Dorade
  • Italian name: Orata
  • German name: Goldbrassen

Introduction to Bream

This highly coveted species is the preferred sea bream, which is highly recognized by European chefs and is treasured in Mediterranean cuisine. The term “gilt-head” refers to the golden stripe that runs between its eyes. According to legend, the Romans dubbed the bream “Aurata,” meaning the golden one. The Greek goddess Aphrodite regarded the gilt-head bream as holy as well. The fish mature in their second year, at which point they become male. They turn female in their third year for unknown causes. Although sea bream are widespread throughout the Atlantic and Mediterranean, economic harvests are limited. As is the case with European sea bass, aquaculture projects, mostly in the Mediterranean, are increasingly supplying bream. Additionally, some is grown in Iceland’s geothermal water. Sea bream are a tiny member of the porgy family, Sparidae. They typically measure between 10 and 14 inches in length and weigh between 1 1/4 and 6 pounds. In the United States, upscale chefs refer to bream as daurade or daurade royale.

Product profile for Bream

When cooked, the rosy-colored raw flesh becomes white. The juicy meat of the bream has a deep, sweet taste. It has a strong but delicate texture.

Cooking tips for Bream

Daurade is best cooked whole, with the backbone still attached. The meat may be cooked and used in stews since it keeps together nicely. It’s the type of fish that’s usually used in bouillabaisse. Poached in wine, the fish is delicious. It can also be roasted, grilled, or sautéed after being filled.

Nutrition facts for Bream

Calories: 96 Fat Calories: 17 Total Fat: 1.9 g Saturated Fat: N/A Cholesterol: N/A Sodium: N/A Protein: 19.7 g Omega 3: 0.4 g

Primary product forms for Bream

Global supply for Bream

Cyprus, France, Greece, Iceland, Israel , Italy, Spain , Turkey, Iran