Innovation and creativity as DNA


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Innovation and R&D are built into our DNA. From the very beginning Caspian Monarque has made it a point to always seek out improvement for our practices and our products, at every level. And that is something that we will never change.

We were the first to use ultrasound scanners for sexing our sturgeon, which is now a technique that is used by breeders throughout the world. It allows us to separate our sturgeon and optimize our practices along the way.

For us, R&D and innovation are a part of the entire process and each level of the company. This includes fish production (where we are engaged with internationally renowned scientific partners to develop genetics, nutrition, animal health, and water quality) as well as marketing of innovative products, and everything in between. Even the ONE [S1] project developed in 2013 and all of our food workshops, which evaluate the process and improvement of our caviar.

Our reputation over the history of our company is built on pioneering new strategies and creating innovation. Today, we recognize that innovation is required in order to maintain and further establish our leadership position within the market, especially with the increased competitiveness of the field.