An eye-catchingly pleasing grain with a glistening grey hue, the taste of our Privé Sevruga is spirited, offering an upbeat fresh feel tempered by a tantalisingly rich after taste that lingers pleasantly on the tongue.

A distinct Persian character is present in our Privé Sevruga, with a flavor and aroma that bursts with quality. This particular caviar is yet another from our range that makes for the perfect introduction to caviar as a culinary concept. Typified by that oh so distinguishable aesthetic yet oozing with a very unique and personal charm, which one can only achieve with Caspian reared sturgeons.

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Bred from the noble Acipenser Stellatus (Sevruga sturgeon) nestled in the nutrient rich waters of the Caspian Sea, we use time-honored methods to process a roe that tips the boundaries of taste and texture, rendering a delightful blend of both youth and maturity.

buy caviar online Farmed in the Caspian Sea

Our sturgeon and thus your caviar is farmed in the Caspian Sea - the evolutionary origin of the sturgeon. Our sturgeons exist in harmony with mother nature, in the same place they were conceived some 250 million years ago.

None of our sturgeon, unlike non-Caspian Sea producers, have been relocated from their natural environment and transported to far away countries or farms. Thus an excellent ecosystem that ensures quality and sustainability is guaranteed.

The only true caviar comes from the Caspian Sea.

Our caviar adheres to genuine sustainability not marketing buzz words.

As our sturgeons are farmed in their native, prehistoric habitat, you will be rewarded with the same sumptuous taste and divine texture that was enjoyed by the likes of Alexander the Great and Tsar Nicholas II.

We have  not  introduced any exotic sturgeon species, genotypes or various hybrids, which cause a dramatic loss of genetic integrity, into our farms.

Our sturgeon feed on crustaceans, small mollusks and small worms.

We were the first to use ultrasound scanners for sexing our sturgeon, which is now a technique that is used by breeders throughout the world. It allows us to separate our sturgeon and optimize our practices along the way.

Our caviar has been approved by CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora).

This ensures and legally guarantees traceability. Every tin of your caviar is traced to the fish that went inside it.

Our registration number with CITES is 530. Please see here for more information. Please note that if the caviar you buy does not have an Export CITES, the caviar is not coming from the farm, and instead is being sold via an intermediary.

In 2001, Iran was exempted from CITES international ban because it has a functioning management system for sturgeon (CITES Approval for Iranian Caviar in 2001), (CITES Commendation for Iran's Conservation Efforts in 2001) and was commended again in 2003 for imposing the ban upon itself to help to replenish the depleted stocks. (CITES on Iranian Caviar Quotas in 2003)

Iran was commended several times by the UN for their efforts in protecting the sturgeon in 2003 (UN Report on Caspian States Conservation Efforts in 2003) and again in 2006 (UN-Backed Body on Caviar Export Ban in 2006)

The success of these conservation efforts are correlated with Iran being the largest exporter of caviar in the world between 1998 and 2006 (European Commission on Caviar Trade)

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Anonymous packaging which is eco-friendly with a low carbon footprint

Please call us on +44 20 8638 8534 should you require further assistance.

About Buying Sevruga Caviar

A delightful blend of youth and maturity, with a texture and finish that balance in perfect harmony, your taste buds will tingle pleasantly as its tantalisingly fresh aroma penetrates your tongue.

An edible pearl of the Caspian Sea, Sevruga is a caviar whose fine pedigree, along with taste, tone and texture has been favoured by many a Persian Prince, Russian Tsar and English Baron throughout the centuries. Yet today, much of the Sevruga consumed by those hungry for this exotic delicacy is the end result of a burgeoning aqua-culture, far removed from its natural environment of the Caspian sea. The taste just simply cannot be appreciated, as it loses much of its unique charm and feel due to this most unnatural of processes.

Sevruga caviar is a divine gastronomic treat from the prehistoric Sevruga Sturgeon, whose native home is the mystical and mythical Caspian Sea, where our sturgeons are bred and nurtured, on the crystalline shores of the Iranian coast, feeding off the vital ingredients needed to grow to maturity, which cannot be found anywhere else.

Sevruga: The Facts

The Sevruga Sturgeon’s scientific name is  Acipenser Stellatus

This sturgeon grows to about 220 cm in length and can weigh up to 80 kg.

The aroma of Sevruga is of the fresh seaside, contrasted by luscious buttery notes.

We do not crossbreed our Sevruga Sturgeons, thus retaining their natural health benefits.

The Sevruga Sturgeon is a prehistoric fish that is estimated to be 250-millions-years old.

The taste of our Caspian Sea Sevruga is robust and vibrant, yet overall consists of subtle notes.

Its pearlescent grains are more petite than that of Beluga or Osetra, and possess a more crunchier feel.

Our sturgeons are allowed to reach their natural state of maturity before we harvest any caviar.

The sturgeon is easily distinguishable from its cousins by its long, slim and powerfully straight snout.

Its beautiful mother of pearl like eggs are a glistening bright grey.

Our Sevruga Sturgeons enjoy the much needed nutrients of the Caspian Sea

We use the Malossol method of treatment, which keeps salt to a minimum, allowing its flavor to reign supreme.

The Art of Breeding Sevruga

We take the breeding, rearing and harvesting of each Sevruga sturgeon seriously, hence the reason we avoid the notions of aqua-farming and devote so much attention into understanding the complexities of breeding our fish in the Caspian sea.

As the Sevruga sturgeon is critically endangered, it is deemed a protected species, and all harvesting and trading of Sevruga is controlled under the guidance of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

sevruga caviar

Our Breeding Methods

All of our  Acipenser Stellatus  are bred and reared in their native prehistoric home, the Caspian Sea, which is abundant in powerful nutrients and minerals, allowing the sturgeons to produce the best caviar on earth.

We work with local fisherman and highly trained artisans, whose knowledge of the sturgeon and methods of harvesting run through their blood.

We have taken tremendous care in using sustainable and eco-friendly methods, which render our Iranian Sevruga caviar naturally flavorful and richly nutritional.

Our sturgeons are bred on the clean and undisturbed shores of Iran, one of the world’s most ancient and premier caviar producing countries.

caviar sevruga

A Nutritional Miracle

Iranian caviar sevruga

Experiencing the ebullient taste and exquisite aromas of Sevruga caviar is a veritable paradise for the senses; however, this is merely a fraction of the benefits, because Sevruga is blessed by a nutritional value that makes it a miracle of mother nature.

Iranian sevruga

Our bodies are always crying out for vitamins, and with our organically harvested Sevruga, you will be amazed by the sheer abundance of essential vitamins that can be found in a mere 100g.

Caspian Pride

For the consummate connoisseur, he knows that the best Sevruga can only be sourced from the prehistoric Sevruga sturgeon of the Caspian sea, and our sturgeons are specifically bred in these nutrient filled waters, with its delicate and crucial ecosystem.

It is this which lends so much nutritional and mineral value to each sturgeons precious roe, enhancing not only the beauty and luscious taste one experiences, but the fundamental basics of what the purpose of Iranian Sevruga caviar truly is.

When a sturgeon is farmed outside this unique territory, it opens up a wealth of problems, depleting its freshness and drastically disturbing its luscious idiosyncratic tastes.

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Sevruga Types

Knowing Your Sevruga

To really appreciate Sevruga one has to know Sevruga. Ours holds the distinct honor of possessing the true title of Imperial caviar, full of Caspian character, a robust flavor, with a typical buttery texture and slight salt taste that doesn’t overwhelm the taste buds.

Gorgeously crunchy and omitting an evocatively enticing aroma, that is the primary result of being harvested in its ancient home. It can truly be deemed Imperial caviar.

Sevruga sturgeons produce the smallest eggs of the three main caviars (the other two being Beluga and Osetra) and in plentiful amounts, which has made Sevruga one of the most popular of caviars in restaurants and hotels. Other types of Sevruga are also harvested in different countries.

Caspian sevruga

Traditionally only bred in the Caspian Sea, by age old caviar producing countries such as Iran and Russia, today, Sevruga is today only farmed in Iran and Russia.

Due to this, the Sevruga ranges in colors, from black to dark grey and sweeping from crunchy to hard.

Sevruga from these countries is the result of aqua-farming, which disturbs the taste and aromas one gets with traditionally bred Sevruga sturgeons. Rendering the caviar with a uniformed salty taste.

In some cases cross-breeding with other species occurs, which heavily depletes its nutritional value and harms the Sturgeon species at large.

Differing methods of preservation drastically disguise the natural tastes of Sevruga. With the best method being Malossol, other methods include Salted and, finally, Pasteurized, which involves fresh caviar being heat-treated and vacuum packed in glass jars for longer preservation.

How Sevruga is Rated

Like all of the three main caviars, Sevruga adheres to a complex and masterful rating system.

The finest Sevruga is rated by the size and color of its roe as well as its method of processing.

The color is specifically graded, with 000 for light caviar, which deemed the best, 00 for medium and 0 for the darkest.

Sevruga caviar

Iranian Sevruga Caviar Prices

Prices for Sevruga are a mere trifle when one considers just what is involved, from taste and texture to the abundant health benefits one gets from a little bite. As mentioned above, Sevruga is one of the most popular and plentiful of the three main caviars, so in terms of cost, it really is quite simple.

Prices are determined on the quality of the roe, the preservation method and, of course, the way in which the sturgeon itself is bred. Our Sevruga is bred organically, using the most sustainable and eco-friendly methods available, so you can rest assured you’re getting the best.

Our boxes start from 20g and go up to 1000g, so whether you want to sample or devour our Sevruga, we have the perfect options for you.

Iranian Sevruga