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Widder Restaurant Reviews

The location had just been remodeled and was the place to be. We had to make reservations for our ladies’ night out meal over two weeks in advance. The design and layout of the area were excellent! We were assigned a table in the smaller room on the left, which turned out to be pretty pleasant. After speaking with the waiter who was really polite, we decided to go with the shared chefs choice 12 course menu (for 120franks) since the menu was somewhat complicated. If we were still hungry, we would order further dishes. We were surprised to see that the sharing meals were pretty large! The first four fish options were all extremely tasty. The meat alternatives were less appealing, and when the waiter discovered that I was a vegetarian, he took it upon himself to bring me three more vegetarian options that I had not requested and for which I was not even hungry at the time! My companions commented that the meat course was nothing spectacular, and that my vegetarian selections were equally dull and unappealing, which I agreed with since I did, of course, wind up sampling them because they were already on the table. Then there were the deserts, which none of the four of us enjoyed. It was just not acceptable! It’s just too disgusting! Then, without our permission, our server took still additional liberties and brought us yet another dessert. Once again, not very effective, but far better than the prior four. The finest part, though, was the bill that arrived at the conclusion. No doubt our bill included all of the extras that the kitchen provided without us asking, and we ended up paying 659franks total! I thought it was a little excessive to charge about 200franks per person for this supper, particularly considering that half of the items were just imposed upon us.

Cuisine Type: Modern French, Contemporary

Seeteufel, Kürbis, Curry, Limette

Reh, wilder Brokkoli, Yuzu, Herbsttrompeten

Birne, Schokolade, Macadamianuss, Weizengras

Address: Rennweg 7, Zurich, 8001, Switzerland

Phone: +41 44 224 24 12

Website: Widder Restaurant Official Site

Hours: Closed: Monday, Tuesday, lunch : Wednesday-Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2