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Boury Reviews

According to the feedback from customers, the Belgian cuisine served here are delectable. According to the majority of customers, the geese, pig, and kama served at this establishment are well prepared. Good parfaits, fruitcakes, and gelato are available. In Boury, the most popular alcoholic beverages are delicious chardonnay, gin, and champagne. It’s pleasant to relax with a good tonic.

The success of this establishment would be inconceivable if it didn’t have such a pleasant personnel. Clients appreciate the high level of service provided here. There is no doubt that you will like the unique atmosphere and wonderful design. In the Michelin-starred restaurant, gourmet meals prepared by a well-known chef will be served to guests.

Cuisine Type: Creative French

Grijze noordzeegarnalen met koolraap, vintage soja en yuzu

Langoustine, gegrild met beenmerg en verveine

Soufflé met hazelnoot, vanille en bruine rum

Address: Rumbeeksesteenweg 300, Roeselare, 8800, Belgium

Phone: +32 51 62 64 62

Website: Boury Official Site

Hours: Closed: 29 July-4 August, 31 October-10 November, Monday, dinner : Wednesday, Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2