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La Durée Reviews

After the walk around the Le Rendez-Vous Toyota has concluded, make your way to Ladurée. The French food on the menu, which is overseen by a fantastic chef, is really delicious at this establishment. Restaurant guests may enjoy meals such as perfectly cooked rillettes, salads made with tomato and mozzarella, and grilled salads, amongst others. Order delectable macarons, cookies, and fruit tarts from the bakery. Good calvados, Spritz, or gin martini are recommended. Fruit tea, cafe frappe, and rose tea are all excellent choices to try here.

The affable personnel of Ladurée may demonstrate how much they care about their customers. Fast service is something that these restaurant owners are concerned about. You may be shocked by the average costs at this establishment. The attention to detail is appreciated by the visitors. Frommer’s experts consider this location to be one of the greatest in the world, and they have given it a rating of one star.

Cuisine Type: Creative, Modern Cuisine

Platte Zeeuwse oesters met algenboter, citroen en peterseliewortel

Noordzeetong gevuld met zwarte truffel, winterprei, ratte-aardappel en lichte truffeljus

Blanc-manger van vanille met bosbessen en witte chocolade

Address: Leenstraat 28, Izegem, 8870, Belgium

Phone: +32 51 31 00 31

Website: La Durée Official Site

Hours: Closed: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Michelin Stars: 2