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Amador * Reviews

If you want to recall Beethovengang, you should start by visiting this restaurant. If you have never had the pleasure of sampling international food, you should make a reservation at Amador. Come here for a break and indulge in expertly cooked juane, tapas, and beef tartare, among other dishes.

The wine selection is broad, and it will be able to meet the demands of all guests. You will be served a delicious cup of coffee. The pleasant and laid-back atmosphere is reflected in the staff’s demeanor. Exceptional service is something that customers often mention in their evaluations. You will be pleased with the democratic pricing. Clients can unwind in this setting thanks to the excellent design and peaceful ambience. Three-star Michelin restaurant that deserves to be visited on a special occasion. Amador restaurant, located on the outskirts of Vienna’s old center, is a wonderland of surprises. Who would have guessed that under the surface of the ground was a cavernous basement lined with rows of red brick? Juan Amador, a German–Spanish chef with two Michelin stars, has established Vienna’s most avant-garde gourmet restaurant, which is located right here on this very spot. He provides a highly personalized, technically accomplished, and multicultural dining experience. In spite of the fact that local goods are used, Asia and the Mediterranean are used as sources of inspiration by the chef. Examples include yellowtail kingfish sushi with coffee foam, passion fruit, and spinach, or Iberian pluma with pig’s head, bell pepper, and goulash jus.

Cuisine Type: Creative

KAISERGRANAT / Morchel / Erbse / Kalbszunge

Taube, Mango, Kokos, Purple Curry

BLANC MANGER / Mara de Bois / Ziegenmilch / Joghurt

Address: Grinzinger Straße 86, Vienna, 1190, Austria

Phone: +43 660 9070500

Website: Amador * Official Site

Hours: Closed: 24 December-12 January, Monday, Tuesday, lunch : Wednesday-Friday, Sunday

Michelin Stars: 3