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Glam Enrico Bartolini Reviews

We had come to this location to commemorate my wedding anniversary. In any case, a buddy pushed some connections to get us a table, and everything was planned as an unexpected surprise, which it certainly was. Begin with the service that we just discovered and fell in love with. Everyone contributed to making the trip unforgettable. The cuisine is very delicious. There’s nothing more to say. The chef has been awarded many Michelin stars, and with good reason. It was wonderful to see how imaginative and yet compliant the different meals were; one dish showed a hint of smoke to complement a beautiful beetroot; and the sommelier was helpful with offers, despite the fact that we aren’t great drinkers, but she graciously gave us a 1967 red gem to sample. I was made to feel unique and welcomed from the time I walked through the door.
If you have a chance and no connections to get a tacle(lol), make your reservation as soon as possible. The museum’s restaurant is situated on the third level of its building. This occurred with Vespetine in Los Angeles, a Michelin-rated experience that was well worth the money. Definitely recommended.

Cuisine Type: Creative

Gambero di Santo Spirito

Seppia della laguna affumicata al mirto

Latte e fichi

Address: calle Tron 1961, Santa Croce, Venice, 30124, Italy

Phone: +39 041 523 5676

Website: Glam Enrico Bartolini Official Site

Hours: Closed: Tuesday

Michelin Stars: 2