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Anne-Sophie Pic Reviews

During my recent visit to Burgundy and the surrounding region, I had the opportunity to dine at three of the region’s most renowned restaurants: Pic, Troisgros, and Lameloise. Each of these restaurants celebrates one of the pleasures of living in France: world-class restaurants with rich histories that happen to be in the middle of nowhere. Restaurant Pic was unquestionably the finest of the lot out of the three.

Throughout the meal, Anne-Sophie Pic and her staff demonstrated amazing talent and an excellent sense of taste, not just in their perfect selection of the best foods from France, but also by incorporating flavors and spices from as far afield as Japan and India. The outcome of all of these efforts are foods that are not only agreeable to the taste, but also thrilling and surprising in their presentation and preparation. I can’t comment on whether Chef Pic’s original restaurant in Valence is superior than her more conveniently placed branches in London and Paris, but I can state with certainty that I am delighted I made the trek to Valence to dine at her establishment. Chef Anne-Sophie Pic is a fearless cook who understands how to experiment in the kitchen without compromising the harmony of her meals.

Cuisine Type: Creative

Les Berlingots – coeur coulant, comme une fondue d´automne, consommé d’oignons à la coriandre et baies roses, raisins et sebacha

Le Bar de ligne au caviar “Jacques Pic”

Le soufflé à la noisette du Piemont

Address: Place du Port 17, Lausanne, 1006, Switzerland

Phone: +41 21 613 33 39

Website: Anne-Sophie Pic Official Site

Hours: Closed: Monday, Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2