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Gourmetstube Einhorn Reviews

Gourmetstube Einhorn: Our chef Peter Girtler produces distinct sensory experiences for the taste, whilst Gasthofstube Stafler: In the Gasthofstube Stafler, traditional South Tyrolean recipes are mixed with ideas from contemporary Italian cuisine, resulting in delectably innovative creations. Visitors to the Gourmet Restaurant will enjoy a unique dining experience thanks to the lovely bay windows and ancient vaults of the old coaching inn. Gourmetstube “Unicorn” is a euphemism for unicorn (2 stars of Micheliand 3 toques of Gault Millau) Gault Millau has praised our chef Peter Girtler as “the most competent of all the advocates of fusion cuisine among innovative cooks,” and our restaurant has received the same accolades. The star of the Michelin guide simply served to reinforce this point. Following the receipt of these awards in recent years, the Stafler family, in collaboration with their long-time kitchen chef Peter Girtler, decided to provide their visitors with even more delectable pleasures, both on the taste and in terms of presentation: The previous typical Germanic inn has been transformed into a truly gourmet restaurant, which has also been given the name “Einhornstube” (which translates as “Hall of the unicorn” in English). In this manner, we want to live up to the high standards set by our numerous local and worldwide gourmet customers and visitors. On Thursdays through Sundays, we are open for supper; on Sundays, we are open for lunch as well. The Gasthofstube (Gasthofstube): At Stafler’s in South Tyrol, the Gasthofstube offers a unique fusion of flavors that is both delicious and affordable: traditional Tyrolean recipes, a Mediterranean lifestyle, and the freshness of the South Tyrolean Alps. When you stay at our inn, you will go on a gastronomic excursion, and you will be astonished at how well Mediterranean flavors and mountain landscapes mix to create a really unique culinary experience for your taste buds. If you visit the Hans-Stafler-Stube and/or the Romantic Vaults, you will be able to indulge in regional and foreign delicacies that will captivate you both for their flavor and their affordability. (closed on Wednesdays, but open for lunch and supper on the other days) Stafler-Mauls Campo di Trens Province of South Tyrol Trentino Alt.html#

Cuisine Type: Creative

Scampi, erba di cavolo rapa, fondo di pomodori, erba d’aglio

Storione, patate, croccante di verza, caviale alpino, foglia d’ostrica

Acetosa, latticello, sedano marinato, acetosa del sangue

Address: Campo di Trens, Mauls, 39040, Italy

Phone: +39 0472 771136

Website: Gourmetstube Einhorn Official Site

Hours: Closed: lunch : Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, lunch : Thursday-Saturday

Michelin Stars: 2