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The Guest House Reviews

In February, we came here for supper and breakfast. The restaurant is a tiny and cozy space. Our server was wonderful and provided fantastic service to us. The proprietor came out and engaged in a lengthy conversation with us. I got the beef kabobs with Greek salad and hummus, which were delicious. Very well done. The only thing I would say is that the steak might have been a little more tender. Dessert consisted of praline ice cream with caramel sauce on the side. It was good, however the praline was difficult to chop up. It is my opinion that praline crumbs be sprinkled on top of the cake rather than the firm praline itself. The redfish charred over rice was a favorite of many visitors, and I would order it again the next time. The complimentary breakfast the following morning consisted of your choice of four items from a menu of approximately 12 options, which included scrambled eggs, sausage patty (actually a link), biscuit (with or without gravy), pancakes, cereal, English muffin, bacon, and your choice of two beverages from a menu of five options

Cuisine Type: Huaiyang, Sichuan


Address: 12, Section 1, Zhongxiao East Road, Taipei, 100, Taipei & Taichung

Phone: +886 2 2321 1818

Website: The Guest House Official Site


Michelin Stars: 2