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JL Studio Reviews

The JL Studio is a remarkable piece of work. The food they served was among the greatest available, even surpassing that of the famed RAW restaurant in Taipei. After completing an invited discussion, we traveled to the location during the COVID-19 epidemic period to pay a visit. We were required to wait for a short period of time upon arriving for hygiene reasons. After that, we went to the Studio, which was located on the second story above an Italian restaurant. The design is clean, with plenty of space between chairs, which is likely intended to convey a sense of “social separation.” The table attendants were quite eager and welcoming. They went through each dish in depth and may even be able to offer you with references on your mobile device. We brought Opus One 2013 to the establishment, and the service poured it delicately into a beautiful glass without allowing us to taste it first. There is a little problem that has to be addressed. The remainder of the course was more than enjoyable. They provide food that is uniquely Singaporean. All of the appetizers, including Begedil, mushroom noodle, chicken rice, pangang, and desserts, exceeded my expectations in terms of taste. I like the spice they added, however it was a little hot for my taste. The steak pangang was very delicious, and it was a real treat. The “Yao-Kwen” sweet in an eggshell was really delicious. From the temperature to the flavors, the food arrangements are really well-balanced. Furthermore, the environment was really nice, and the lighting was sufficient for meals. I don’t remember hearing any music when I was there. Despite the fact that it cost around 4000+ TWD each person, the whole set that JL Studio offered was significantly more than that. Personally, I consider it to be the greatest restaurant in Taichung, and it is unquestionably among the best in the whole country of Taiwan. To take advantage of the exquisite meals, you must be present.

Cuisine Type: Innovative


Address: 689, Section 4, Yifeng Road, Taichung, 408, Taipei & Taichung

Phone: +886 4 2380 3570

Website: JL Studio Official Site

Hours: Closed: 31 January-2 February, Monday, Tuesday, lunch : Wednesday-Friday

Michelin Stars: 2