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Shoukouwa Reviews

There is no doubt that I had one of the nicest Omakase experiences I’ve ever had in Singapore. Because it is a little area, we had to wait for our seats for a short period of time, which was reasonable.

We both ordered from the lunch menu, which was around 180$++ per person. One appetizer and ten pieces of sushi are included in this price. The cooks are exceptionally skilled, and the seafood is always seasonal and fresh, as is the produce. They had just just arrived in Singapore at 1030am that day, just in time for our lunchtime meal.

The rice was perfectly patted, the wasabi was freshly crushed right in front of your eyes, and the fish was simply delicious. After the fish has been served, the service personnel will show you a photo of the fish, which is a pleasant touch.

The dinner comes to a close with a cup of hot miso soup and a scoop of exquisite vanilla ice cream to finish.

I would strongly suggest this establishment for a lunch! It’s on the second floor of One Fullerton, tucked away in a nook in a corner.

Cuisine Type: Sushi


Address: 1 Fullerton Road, 049213, Singapore

Phone: +65 6423 9939

Website: Shoukouwa Official Site

Hours: Closed: Monday, lunch : Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2